How it works

An online bespoke experience.

Thanks to our innovative system, we manage online the entire creation phase of your bespoke handmade suit. You have to follow all the steps: choose the fabric and the characteristics of your garment, take the measurements and send us a photo.

It's easy and fun.

1. Choose your favorite fabrics.

Choose from hundreds of the highest quality Italian fabrics. Always 100% Pure Virgin Wool. Inspired by the great textile traditions, and nonetheless always a step ahead of fashion.

2. Customize your suit.

Choose the characteristics of your suit: the style, the model, and all the details. There are hundreds of possible combinations to compose a unique garment that perfectly reflects your wishes.

3. Measure.

Measure your body following our tutorial. It's simple and will allow our master tailors to create the perfect suit for you.

4. Order.

Complete the order and start production. Your custom suit is hand cut and manually sewn together by old-world bespoke tailors. Features such as pic stitching on the lapels and functioning sleeve buttonholes are cut one by one directly on the fabric, and later hand-finished.

5. Basted fitting.

Halfway through processing, we will send you the basted garment for a fitting test. You will receive your suit temporarily sewn together with a basting thread to examine how it fits. You can send us a photo so that our tailors can make all the necessary adjustments and verify that your suit fits perfectly. You can then return the semi-finished product to us absolutely at no additional cost and receive your final garment after a few weeks.


Our suits are the most prestigious Made in Italy clothes you have ever worn, thanks both to the exclusive selection of the fabrics and our tailors’ exquisite craftsmanship.